The purpose of this online assessment is to know you better. Please read the instructions carefully before starting the assessment.

  • Time: The average time to complete this online assessment is 1.5 hrs. There is an option to save your assessment process mid-way and return to it at a later point of time to finish.

  • Recommended Device: Since this section takes time and needs an essay, it is recommended to attempt this section on a laptop or a desktop device.

  • Personal Details: Keep the details of your education and professional experience handy as you will need it during the assessment process.

  • Recommendation: Keep the contact details of your academic & professional recommenders also handy for this assessment. We will contact them as a part of our process.

  • Essay Questions: You need to answer 6 short questions and 1 case study. We encourage originality in your answers as they will showcase your aptitude and interest in the fellowship. Plagiarism is not something that we associate with an SBI YFI fellow and it is a ground for rejection of your application.

  • Assessment Expiration: The online assessment will expire itself after 10 days of its activation. Make sure to complete the assessment within the stipulated time to avoid any expiration.