The process for submitting the application for SBI Youth for India for the batch of 2021-22 is as follows-

Stage-1 (Preliminary Application)
Applicants can begin the first stage of the application process by sharing a few basic details in the preliminary application form. In this stage, the candidates are required to share their basic details like professional background, academic details, etc. 

Stage-2 (Online Assessment)
Upon the completion of the first stage, the selected applicant will be invited for the Online Assessment Stage, where they will be required to answer in-depth essay questions, which will give us a glimpse into the applicant’s world-views, perceptions and overall approach towards the fellowship.  

Stage-3 (Personality Assessment & Interview)
To understand certain attitudinal aspects of the potential candidates, they will be required to take the personality assessment test. Post successful completion of this test, the candidates will be invited for the final interview for an interaction with a Selection Board.

Learn more about the Application Process through this short video.